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以下是Linux Kernel Configuration 顶层目录

General setup (常规设置
    - Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers (
显示尚在开发中或尚未完成的代码与驱动.除非你是测试人员或者开发者,否则 请勿选择)
    - Local version - append to kernel (在内核版本后面加上自定义的版本字符串(小于64字符),可以用"uname -a"命令看到)
    - Automatically append version information to the version string(自动在版本字符串后面添加版本信息,编译时需要有perl以及git仓库支持)
    - Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap)(使用交换分区或者交换文件来做为虚拟内存)
    - System V IPC(System V进程间通信(IPC)支持,许多程序需要这个功能.必选,除非你知道自己在做什么)
    - POSIX Message Queues(POSIX消息队列,这是POSIX IPC中的一部分)
    - BSD Process Accounting(将进程的统计信息写入文件的用户级系统调用,主要包括进程的创建时间/创建者/内存占用等信息)
        -BSD Process Accounting version 3 file format(使用新的第三版文件格式,可以包含每个进程的PID和其父进程的PID,但是不兼容老版本的文件格)
    - Export task/process statistics through netlink(EXPERIMENTAL)(通过netlink接口向用户空间导出任务/进程的统计信息,与BSD Process Accounting的不同之处在于这些统计信息在整个任务/进程生存期都是可用的)
        - Enable per-task delay accounting(EXPERIMENTAL)(在统计信息中包含进程等候系统资源(cpu,IO同步,内存交换等)所花费的时间)
        - Enable extended accounting over taskstats(EXPERIMENTAL)
            -Enable per-task storage I/O accounting
    - Aditing support

        - Enable system -call auditing support
    - Kernel .config support
            - Kernel log buffer size (16=>64KB,17=>128KB)
    - Control Group support
            - Example debug cgroup subsystem
            - Namespace cgroup subsystem
            - Cupset support
    - GROUP CPU scheduler
            - GROUP scheduling for SCHED_OTHER
            - GROUP scheduling for SCHED_RR/FIFO
            - Basis for grouping tasks (Control groups)
                    - user_id
                    - Control groups
    - Simple CPU accounting cgroup subsystem
    - Resource counters
                    - Memory Resource Controller for Control Groups
    - Create deprecated sysfs files
    - Include legacy /proc/<pid>/cpuset file
    - Kernel -> user space relay support (formerly relayfs)
    - Namespace support
            - UTS namespace
            - IPC namespace
            - User namespace (EXPERIMENTAL)
            - PID Namespace (EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk (initramfs/initrd) suppor
            - Initrams source file(s)
    - Optimize for size (Look out for broken compilers!)
    - Configure standard kernel feature (for small systems)
            - load all symbols for Debugging/ksymoops
                    - Include all symbols in kallsyms
                    - Do an extra kallsyms pass  
    - Disable heap readomization
    - Choose SLAB allocator (SLUB (Unqueued Allocator))
            - SLAB
            - SLUB (Unqueued Allocator)
    - profiling support
    - Activate markers
    - Oprofile system profiling(EXPERIMENTAL)
    - Kprobes

Enable Loadable module support (模块加载配置)
Enable the lock layer
Processor type and features
Power management options
Bus options (PCI etc.)
Executable file formats /Emulations
Device Drivers
FirWare Drivers
File systems
Kernel hacking
Security options
Cryptographic API
Library routines
Load an Alternate Configuration File
Save an Alternate Configuration File

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