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  This Was A Triumph   这是一次大胜利
  I'm Making A Note Here:  我要做点记录:
  HUGE SUCCESS     巨大的成功!
  It's hard to overstate   难以用语言表达
  my satisfaction.  我的满足
  Aperture Science   光圈科技
  We do what we must   我们的做我们必须做的
  because we can.   因为我们可以做大
  For the good of all of us.     为了我们美好的一切
  Except the ones who are dead. 除过那些死掉的人

  But there's no sense crying  over every mistake.在每次犯错后,哭也是毫无意义的
  You just keep on trying 继续尝试
  till you run out of cake. 直到”用完蛋糕“(不懂,延伸的太厉害了)
  And the Science gets done. 直到我们的科技完成
  And you make a neat gun. 你充当一头小白鼠
  For the people who are 为了那些仍然活着的人
  Still Alive

  I'm not even angry.        我甚至都不生气
  I'm being so sincere right now.     我现在是如此的纯真
  Even though you broke my heart.   哪怕你使我心碎
  And killed me.   而且杀了我
  And tore me to pieces.  将我撕成碎片
  And threw every piece into a fire. 扔进烈火里
  As they burned it hurt because   碎片依然燃烧的那么凶
  I was so happy for you! 因为我为你如此高兴!
  Now these points of data make a beautiful line.现在这些数据成了如此美力的一条线
  And we're out of beta.  我们不再是试验产品了
  We're releasing on time. 我们从时间获得解放
  So I'm GLAD. I got burned. 我如此开心,我被烧了
  Think of all the things we learned   想想我们学到的东西
  for the people who are 为了那些仍然活着的人们
  still alive.

  Go ahead and leave me. 前进吧,留下我
  I think I prefer to stay inside. 我想我还是愿意呆在里面
  Maybe you'll find someone else 可能你会找到其他人帮你
  to help you.
  Maybe Black Mesa. . .  可能黑山基地 T
  HAT WAS A JOKE. HAHA FAT CHANCE.也是一个骗局,哈哈,好机会。
  Anyway. this cake is great. 不管怎么样,蛋糕很棒
  It's so delicious and moist.  如此美味
  Look at me still talking 看着我,当我还能说话的时候
  When Theres Science to do. 当还有实验的时候,
  When I look out there, 我望向窗外
  it makes me GLAD I'm not you. 我真高兴,我不是你
  I've experiments to run. 我还有实验要做
  There is research to be done. 还有研究要做
  On the people who are 为了那些依然活着的人
  still alive.

  And believe me I am still alive. 相信我,我还活着

  I'm doing Science and I'm still alive. 我还活着,而且我在做实验

  T feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive. 如此难以置信,我还活着

  While you're dying I'll be still. 当你快死了,我也活着

  And when you're dead I will be still alive.当你死了,我依旧活着


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