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What I have learned and found interesting during using as well as studying the kernel of GNU/Linux.
     摘要: Ubuntu/Kubuntu installation on a NO-cdrom and NO-floppy system co-working with Windows HOWTO  阅读全文
posted @ 2005-11-19 13:50 Victor 阅读(1514) | 评论 (0)  编辑

     摘要: I have tried serveral times installing Linux, which I would like to make coexistance with Microsoft Windows XP, on Promise Fasttrack ATA raid0 array. But both Ubuntu(a istribution of Debian) and FedoraCore4 returned two 40G harddisks which supposed to be ONE 80G when I got to the partition step of installation. In Windows XP, I have to insert the Fasttrack array driver diskette into the floppy and press F6 when I begin the installation. Too see the detail......  阅读全文
posted @ 2005-11-14 01:12 Victor 阅读(172) | 评论 (0)  编辑