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e-Store + CMS Portal + Forum + Blog + SNS = ?

- What if we integrate e-Store + CMS Portal + Forum + Blog + SNS?

- What if they look like a entire integration instead of some separated ugly sections attaching to your ebusiness/ ecommerce site?

GrahamSys LLC's answer is you may have hired a super monster to ruined your e-business/ e-commerce.

"Step by Step, from free to charged and start from public web 2.0".


Excellent web open source software like


  • Magento (e-store/ e-commerce system),
  • Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3 (CMS portal system),
  • WordPress (blog SNS system)
  • phpBB (forum SNS system)
  • elgg (small-middle SNS system)


may attract you to integrate two of, or several of, or each of all kinds to build a super ecommerce site and hoping this site have the power to persuade your clients to stay and to keep purchasing on your site. However, the site definitely cost you a great effort to startup the traffic, otherwise clients should find it deserted and subsequently lost interest on your brands. That means your desire to booming your online brand might have the risk to damage it.

E-commerce / E-business web application, especially those powerful  CRM related fancy ones, cost more your organizational and operational effort than your money. You need to train a team to run the site, to maintain, to manage comments, and advertise your site. Although outsourcing is a possible solution to this issue, you yourself are the one who know your product, your service and culture the best. No one hopes his own money and time are spent in building e-business apart from his goal.

Our solution to this issue is simple. That is

"Step by Step, from free to charged and start from public web 2.0".

We strongly recommend organizations and companies who are starting their own CRM oriented e-commerce site only integrate exact necessary applications like blog and CMS portal. The reason is simple, your operation cost is low and your pay back is significantly high. CMS portal and blog are perfect system for you to release new products ans services, company news and promotion news, and what matters most is the SEO effect. As for the requirement of SNS integration, you could mash-up web service like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger and etc. And in a second step, you try to establish your own way!

Don't you think so?

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