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today,my older sister called me for my job...
she told to me that both she and my father hope that i can work in Xiamen...
i will think though by myself
i amnot a boy now,you know

in dell today,i received a mail from my manager
the content is'if you don't work hard today,you'll seach hard for work'
em,the mail isnot just for me,it's for our team member all
sentence is nice...pardon me for using this word,i like it.
today,our team coach has changed
i think i have some time to uesd to get along with him,oh,his name is andy. haw...
there is a supprise to me
KMPG will come to XMU firstly,oh i dont like this company.
china mobile,when will you come

wait for you...

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we're free to go everywhere we want...
sunshine sand beach wave...
only u and me...
u rely on me like wave relying on beach...
ipods are all we have...
let's dance freely...
no words between us...
just staring...
i want to know what's the result of us...
it must be greatful i think,and you...
i love you...
you love me,too...
thanks to god for having met you...
it's ending...

thanks for your reading

you must think i am a boring man...oh,i dont mind...

ths all the same!~

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                                                                     Happy mid-autumn day
  sunday is mid-autumn day this year.but i want to write sth about it today.
  mid-autumun day is a tradition festival in china.its nonsense and i am a boring man.
  i will write a long story,pls take pains to read.  ths
  many years ago,there was a king in china.he is a brave man and he did many things for the people in his country.he admired a beauty and made her stay in his palace so that he could see her whenever he wanted,but the gril dont like the king at all.each time the king went to her palace,he used to bring many gifts to her in order to make her smile.on every full moon,she would burn incenses and candles to worship the moon.she believed there must be a god in the moon to make the moon day when there is full moon of aug,the king brought three pills to show her,the pill could make people live forever.but the king was afraid of the pills having some side effects,so he forced the girl to take the pills firstly,if its not any wrong with her after her taking the pill,he must take it immediately.but the gril recognized it,she spoke to the king that she must see the pills and otherwise she must not try at all.having not other way,the king gave her the pills,the gril didnot say anything but eat them all.haved saw it,the king was very angry.he wanted to kill this moment,she started to fly.because of the intake of the pills.the king could not catch her,but saw her flying toward to the moon and disappeared.after it,all people believed that there is a beatuy stay in the moon with a every full moon of mid-autumn become a festvial to memorise her.(this time,a schoolmate laugh at me that i write blog in english,oh,its none of your business,isnot it?only you and i know this web address,its our secret,you will keep it i think)
  its end.....

  Go go go.... -..- go to bed, good night to me

  i miss you much,oh speak loudly

  thanks for your reading.  

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                                                             Start with desire
   What's my desire,where's my desire.i have lost him.
    I didn't a sentimental man,but i must be now.
    I am lost in remembering deeply with looking the doraemon in my plam.
    Frist year(05-06):at sep per annum,flame tree blossoms,then,old people go,new people come.em,at that time,i was a new people.come here fristly,fresh man must be curious,including me.met many boys and grils.ah,ah,all are nice in my eyes.and i have a chance encounter with her,my gf.i am in love at first sight.turely,she is graceful..
    Second year(06-07): i am a lazy man(estimate from my junior),this year is my last one i stayed in zhangzhou area. study,work,live.... they are all of my life........
    Third year(07-08):its the year just past.i dont want to say anymore about this year.
    Forth year(08-now):its lasting.miracle must happen i want.. haw.. i am a man who is cheerful....

Thanks for your reading,my writing skill is poor. pardon me

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                                                                Survive or live
  Today,the topic that I talked with my gf is "survive or live".Hereinafter referred to content,A is me,B is her
  A:i have been worrying about my frist work.
  B:oh,really?Are you kidding me?
  A:no,i don't have any idea for future,it's ture.
  B:do you have any difficulty in dell?
  A:so far,so good.but everybody around me is saying "work work work" recently,i have pressure,what about you?
  B:you are older,aren't you ?
  B:what kind person do you think you are now?
  A:what?i don't konw what you have said.
  B:before,you must say 'i am a cheerful man',how do you think now?
  A:i have forgotten it.nowadays i don't dare to  think about how to live,i must think over how to survive.survive,shit! it's a  problem to me.
  B:.....i don't want to say any more,but you are a perfect man in my mind
  A:em,thanks a lot........
  It's ending.
  Yesterday is my father's birthday,"Happy birthday,daddy!" i and older sister love you and mother.pray for a good health and smooth work to you and my mother.
  For luck,for ever. to me ....
  Thanks to you ..... for your reading  

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                               Meet Right Person At Wrong Time
  How will I do?What shall I do?Must not compel me,believe it or not,I am unhappy for a long time.
  Yesterday,I received your SMS,you tell me that I must drop you a line.Ah,ah.I have promised you it,so I will make it.
  In my mind,I have told to myself "we are just friend,just it",but you know it need some time to adpat to this connection.
  Usually,I say"in my opinion,you like a poet"Hoho,you are a real poet!You will write much much graceful words I liked.When I am reading your article in your blog,it's enjoyment to me,thank you for your writing.
  It's a oppressive topic to me,so I can't write any more.
  If you have read it and you know it is for you,pls leave something let me know.
  At last,just the same,I am so glad to have met you,sure enough,enough,enough....<Entin-T.i.n.g>

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                                                                   I Dug Up A Diamond
Hoho!If I have dug up a diamond,how will I do?It's a English song's name.The lyric of it is:
I dug up a diamond
Rare and fine
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
If only I could cling to
my beautiful find
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
My gem is special
Beyond all worth
As strong as any metal
Or stone in the earth
Sharp as any razor
Or blade you can buy
Bright as any laser
Or any star in the sky
Maybe once in a lifetime
You'll hold one in your hand
Once in a lifetime
In this land
Where the journey ends
In a worthless claim
Time and again
In the mining game
I dug up a diamond
Rare and fine
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine
Down in the darkness
In the dirt and the grime
I dug up a diamond
In a deep dark mine..............
Can you feel the mood of's a meaningful song i think,don't you?
If you like it,pls tell me know.
Oh,in the still of night,what do you do,what do you feel,what do you say,what do you hear......
Let's be deep in music,I love it.

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