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Second Day

Posted on 2008-09-04 00:02 Colin_Huang 阅读(65) 评论(1)  编辑 收藏 引用
                               Meet Right Person At Wrong Time
  How will I do?What shall I do?Must not compel me,believe it or not,I am unhappy for a long time.
  Yesterday,I received your SMS,you tell me that I must drop you a line.Ah,ah.I have promised you it,so I will make it.
  In my mind,I have told to myself "we are just friend,just it",but you know it need some time to adpat to this connection.
  Usually,I say"in my opinion,you like a poet"Hoho,you are a real poet!You will write much much graceful words I liked.When I am reading your article in your blog,it's enjoyment to me,thank you for your writing.
  It's a oppressive topic to me,so I can't write any more.
  If you have read it and you know it is for you,pls leave something let me know.
  At last,just the same,I am so glad to have met you,sure enough,enough,enough....<Entin-T.i.n.g>


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2008-09-04 14:48 by TT
you said that i am the right person to you
have i told you that i have the same feeling?
maybe sometimes we have no chioce except accept the fact
we are just friend,just it
i always tell myself,too.
sometimes you talks about her
i uesd to think that i do not care
nevertheless ...
well i have promised you take care myself
i will try my best
nowthat this is the ending we can see through
bless you two !~

for luck for ever~