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Good night

Posted on 2008-09-12 00:24 Colin_Huang 阅读(194) 评论(1)  编辑 收藏 引用

today,my older sister called me for my job...
she told to me that both she and my father hope that i can work in Xiamen...
i will think though by myself
i amnot a boy now,you know

in dell today,i received a mail from my manager
the content is'if you don't work hard today,you'll seach hard for work'
em,the mail isnot just for me,it's for our team member all
sentence is nice...pardon me for using this word,i like it.
today,our team coach has changed
i think i have some time to uesd to get along with him,oh,his name is andy. haw...
there is a supprise to me
KMPG will come to XMU firstly,oh i dont like this company.
china mobile,when will you come

wait for you...


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2008-09-17 12:38 by TT
believe in you
believe yourself
you will make what you want!