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Posted on 2008-09-21 23:12 Colin_Huang 阅读(56) 评论(0)  编辑 收藏 引用

A:today,we have a meeting about election at expiration of our team
they have discussed it yesterday
but i didn't attend
so they have the supper on my owe 
oh,i am a pauper
B:(to entin)
Dear entin,
        beg your pardon for my deeds.could you forgive me?
        but i am a malapert man,ha-ha,you must not forget your promise.
        entin,you are a important and unusual gril in my mind,like you know.
        i do not want to hurt you at all.
        'whatever happen,i like you....i like you much'
        how want to tell you,tell you who is in my heart...
        but i cann't
        because i am a man
        'a man has his responsibility',my father told me.
        but i think
        your fate is coming
        please wait for it patiently
        wish you
        bless you

i like you more than i can say
when i think you,the miles between us disappear
you are in my thoughts every day and in my dream every night
but we are just friends
it's joy to meet you,you are really a joy to know
wish the nicest things always for you
hope the happiness around you today and always
the memory with you grows more precious by time going

let bygones be bygones
you are you
i am me

how want to be with you
impossible. impossible. impossible. impossible. impossible. impossible. impossible.

                                                                                                 ----------Colin in mad mood