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DirectShow Developer Q & A
Dialogic OKI <-> G.726 transcoders
一些电子书集下载: ... ork&image=false
饮水思源 -- 精华区文章阅读
C++, Java, C#, OO, GP的网站
MPEG4IP: Open Source, Open Standards, Open Streaming
主要研究:Internet real-time and multimedia services and protocols, ubiquitous computing, mobile systems, quality of service, modeling and analysis of computer-communication networks, operating systems, network security.
SIP and RTP Stack 相关:
基于SIP STACK 的开源项目:
jrtplib: C++; License: Free; Homepage:
Common Multimedia Library: from UCL London, includes RTP stack; C; License: Free; Homepage:
ortp: C; License: LGPL; Homepage:; without RTCP, from linphone
GNU ccRTP: C++; License: GPL (with linking exception); Homepage:
LIVE.COM Streaming Media: C++; License: LGPL; Homepage:
Morgan RTP DirectShow Filters: C++; License: ?; Homepage:; based on liveMedia library
RTP from C++; License: Free; Homepage:
RTPlib: RTP library from Lucent Technologies/Cloumbia University; C; License: Non-exklusive source code license; Homepage:
librtp: C; License: GPL; Homepage:; from Gnome-o-phone
SIP Stacksdissipate:  Homepage:; The original dissipate by Billy Biggs.
dissipate2: GPL; Homepage:; A enhanced dissipate, is part of the kphone distribution.
GNU osip;LGPL; Homepage:; Also known as libosip. Note: The interface of osip has been changed and from now on it will be called osip2!
GNU eXosip;  Homepage:; The extensible osip: "...It aims to implement a simple high layer API to control the SIP for sessions establishements and common extensions. Once completed, this eXtended library should provide an API for call management, messaging and presence features....
SIP from C++; License: Vovida Software License; Homepage:
RTP ApplicationsRAT - Robust Audio Tool; Homepage:
JMF - Java Media Framework: Can receive and send RTP streams; Homepage:
MP3/RTP Plugin for Winamp: Homepage:
Vomit - Voice over Missconfigured Internet Telephones:  Homepage:
RTP Tools: Several RTP utilities from the Columbia University; Homepage:
UDP Packet Reflector/Forwarder: A tiny tool which forwards or reflects UDP packets. You can also add delay and packet loss. Very useful if you want to test RTP applications. Homepage: ... z02/reflector.html.
SIP Phone (User Agent, Softphone, Proxy)
Ubiquity User Agent: Java based SIP Client for Windows, very useful, you have to register (free) to get an license; Homepage:
Linphone: A SIP Softphone for Linux (GNOME), needs libosip ans oRTP; Homepage:
KPhone: A SIP Softphone for Linux (KDE); Homepage:
Vovida: Complete SIP Suite for Linux (Uaser Agent, Proxy, ...), very, very big software contruct; Homepage:
Siphon: Linux SIP Softphone; Homepage:
AVAZ SIP Phone: Cool looking SIP Phone for Windows, crashes very often at my PC, but works well on my friends PC; Homepage:
EZ-Phone (Evaluation Version): SIP Phone for Windows; Homepage:
MySIP: SIP User Agent from Siemens; Homepage:
SJPhone: SIP and H.323 Softphone for Windows, Linux and PocketPC from: The configuration for SIP is a little bit tweaky. And there must not be another SIP client running on port 5060 or the SJPhone won't work.
instant xpressa: The software version of the xpressa SIP phone from pingtel:; A really impressive SIP phone with a lot of features. Can be extended with Java programs, but no free version available.
xphone: A SIP client for Windows and Windows CE, The beta version is free.
SIPPS: SIP softphone with answering machine and a lot of features, but, IMHO, a not very intuitive user interface, which should be better in the next version (try it yourself). A Demo for testing is available.


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