Predeclared ARM Register Names

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By default, the assembler predeclares the following register names:

  • R0–R15 and r0–r15
  • c0–c15 coprocessor registers
  • p0–p15 coprocessor registers
  • a1-a4 scratch registers, synonymous with r0-r3
  • v1-v8 variable registers, synonymous with r4-r11
  • sb and SBstack base, synonymous with r9
  • sl and SL stack base, synonymous with r10
  • fp and FP frame pointer, synonymous with r11
  • ip and IP intra-procedure call scratch register, synonymous with r12
  • sp and SP stack pointer, synonymous with r13
  • lr and LR link register, synonymous with r14
  • pc and PC program counter, synonymous with r15
  • s0-s32 VFP single precision registers
  • d0-d16 VFP double precision registers
  • fpsid VFP system ID register
  • fpscr VFP status and control register
  • fpexc VFP exception register
  • wr0-wr16 WMMX SIMD data registers
  • wc0-wc16 WMMX status and control registers
  • wcid WMMX coprocessor ID register, synonymous with wc0
  • wcon WMMX control register, synonymous with wc1
  • wcssf WMMX saturation SIMD flags, synonymous with wc2
  • wcasf WMMX arithmetic SIMD flags, synonymous with wc3
  • wcgr0-wcgr3 WMMX control general purpose registers, synonymous with wc8-wc11