1.search the regions id that the map u standing.(eg:sebtisa gate=1,genting city=15)
2.go to other regions.(eg:from sentosa gate move to sentosa plains)
3.search the regions id that you move to(example:i move to sentosa plains,so i search 2)
4.repeat step 1-3 until u left 1 address'
5.boom,u got it

B.ghost Map
1.Go to training ground(for easy searching,eg=Sentosa Plains 2=2,Sungai Buloh 4=4
2.Move to another map that belongs to the same region(eg:move from sentosa plains 2 to sentosa plains 3)
3.Search the map id that you move to(eg: i move from sentosa plains 2 to sentosa plains 3,so i search 3)
4.repeat step 1-3 until got 1 address left
5.boom,happy teleporting