If your boss is that  guy  who just care about his money ,no mattle what are the customer `s feeling, you will be a poor man!

Today is a full poor day for me ,because my boss is that guy!
We should speake about the customer i met today,who wanted to close all his employees `s computer usb ports and floppy disks.
My boss  is a smart guy, i think he can smell the little money from here. Me ,the poor guy ,spend half of a day `s weekend to do it.

I do not know why the guy want to do this bullshit things? everybody knows most of powerfull  computer   use the usb mouse and usb keyboard now, But this  is a stong decision for the stupid man,my boss `s idea is changing all mouse and keyboard which use the usb port,and it is accept.

My boss give me dozens of mouses , all little sony mouse for laptop use.i start know
that this mission  is unable to finish.

To use this shit mouse to replace that powerfull mouse ?and  most of them are logitech. of course all employees feel not happy.

too little cable ,too small ,less dpi  ,so bad!
Customer fell no satisfied,my job is too hard!

The bullshit things include other products,at the same time i have to install 3 printer server,d-link.
i spent 3 hours to check  out where is the problem,finally,i called d-link and canon service number,they did not support each other`s product!  faint !faint!yumen!

Wasted 3 hours!

(At the way home ,on the bus ,i received my biggest customer `s calling,they could not connect their erp system!and ,they said i have to make their system running today,
i watched my watch,it was 18:00!