Because i had to do some test about wireless network,and i could not do it during the office time. 6 pm later,everybady left except one girl named ellen who had to finish her company web plan . 
            Soon ,my job was done, we started talking bout our company ,our jobs.
I was tired of my job now,you know everyday just some pieces of  stuff, i could  not feel any interesting things in there,just like as  robot. i feel disappoint deeply!
            I said i wanted to get new job ,she asked me  what kinds of job i got to go and when .I said i had no ideal about it .just wanted  to change this status.
            She smiled and said last year i had the idea same as u, yes , to do a job for a long time over 1 year  was   bored , but did you necessary keep doing it?  I think you should ask some questions to youself first .
            Did you reach the level of you colleague or over them on technology?
            Did you feel you english is good enough to do more high level communicate?
            Did  you think you could not find any challenge,so you can do it like piece of cake,and have more time sleep at the daytime?
            And if you left you company ,how much more  salary you could  get?
and so so.......
            I ould not say yes to any one.