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Hello,I’m Melissa Long at the CNN center here in Atlanta with a look at what’s happening now in the news On this Tuesday.

Special feudal security teams will be patrolling public transportation system in American largest cities during the 4th of July holiday.They are called visual intermodal protection and response units or VIPR teams.The transportation security administration,the TSA,is deploying them in New York,Washington,Chicago,Los Angeles,Boston,Philadelphia,Houston,and San Francisco.In some

Cities,the VIPR teams will also be beefed up airport security.The agency says there is no link between the deployment of the teams and the terrorist activity in the United Kindom.

Days after the failed car bombing in London and Glasgow Scotland,the international investigation continues to expand.Birtish authorities have made 2 more arrests on terror charges.Police in northwest England say it’s too early to say jf the men are linked to the failed terror attacks.

This probe has expanded to Australia where an 8th person is now in custody.The 27-year-old Indian national was detained at the airport as he waited for a flight out of the country.The British media reported he is a medical doctor.In fact,several of the suspects are said to be doctors.And experts say that may signal a disturbing trend.They say Islamic extremists may now be recruiting more educated radicals to plot and carry out terrorist attacks.President Bush said he would now rule in or out a full pardon for former white house aide Lewis “Scooter”Libby,The president commuted libby’s 30-month sentence to the Monday actually.A jury convicted Libby a perjury and obstruction of justice in the CIA leak case. He once served as vice president dick cheny’s chief of staff. He won’t spend a day behind bars but he will still be on probation for 2 years and he has to pay $250,000 fine.

The space shuttle Atlantis has completed the last beg of its trip back to the Cape Canaveral here from the International Space Station little piggy back right here on a special jumbo jet..Set a 3 days.3 stops along the way for refueling to bring Atlantis,from California to the Kennedy Space Center in you know,finished a 14-day construction mission at the her voice is considered to be a national treasure. Today opera fans are mourning the death of Beverly Sills,the international renowned diva has died at the age of 78.And although she did not smoke .Sills was diagnosed with lung cancer just weeks ago.She was born in Brooklyn,helped put Americans on the international map of opera stars.She was ,again,78,

You are up-to-date.Those are the headlines at this hour,For more on these stories or other news of the day,remember CNN is your source whether you are surfing a web,watching on TV or on the go with your cellphone.

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