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2008/05/19/14:28, there is one eathquake in sichuan province.

When I called my family, the first word of my mother is "have you donated?". Yes, I have, while I don't say it, to my mother, nor to my girlfriend. I am a person who don't like to express. (maybe I should change it. my mother critise me today for that i didn't say bless her on the telephone to her on the mother day). I didn't donate much, but i did, and it is the expression of mine.

o, it is time to go to bed now, I use to go to bed very late, but I have to be early today. will continue next day.

bless everyone in the earthquake, bless the people of china!
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2007, today is the first day of new year!

Happy new year to every one.

I will update the web frequently form now.

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I installed one linux system (Fedora 5) in my computer a few days before. There are some questions I have enquatered, and here I list some as below. I maybe update they.
BTW, I only know how to do, but don't know why!

1. Mouse can't be seen but it works actually
Q: I can't see the icon of my mouse, but when you click it, it will do the according actions.
A: edit file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" as follow:
Section "Device"
       # add the following line in this section
       Option      "HWCursor" "off" 

2. Network configuration can't take any effect
Q: In net configuration, I set the information correctly, but the net work can't starts normally.
A: Actually, the key is the hardware.   I use one mainboard integrated with net card.

Until now, I knew some persons had encountered this same question. And we resolve the question using the same way -- leave it alone, and try other ways go to internet.
That is, I added another net card on my computer, and the system recognized the net card automatically.

3. I can't input chinese
Q: After I change my system language setting from english. I can't find method to input chinese. I can see that there is one item on my system [SCIM input setup], but it is no use too.
A: do as following
mkdir ~/.xinput.d
ln -s /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim ~/.xinput.d/default

4. Open new tab in firefox when click links
Q: When click links, firefox always open one new window, I want open one tab default. In the [setting] -> [preferences], I can't resolve it.
A: Firefox have one configure method, you can input "about:config" in the address and the configuration sheet will be open.
0: open new link in current page.
1: open new link in new application
3: open new link in new tab

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Orgin article is from

巴科斯范式(BNF: Backus-Naur Form 的缩写)描述计算机语言语法的符号集

尖括号( < > )内包含的为必选项。
方括号( [ ] )内包含的为可选项。
大括号( { } )内包含的为可重复0至无数次的项。
竖线( | )表示在其左右两边任选一项,相当于"OR"的意思。
::= 是“被定义为”的意思。
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relation in the OOAD

dependency : the most relation between two classes
association: if one class is one member of the other class
aggregation: one association relation. Two objects have the "has a" relation and have different life cycle. Usually client can set the member object when create one new object. (that is to say, the outer class has one constructor which has one parameter of inner class).
composition: Relation is tighter than aggregation. Two objects have the "contains a" relation and have same life cycle. Usually the inner object is created by outer object. (that is to say, the inner object is create in the constructor of outer object)

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OK, let me start.

I create this blog today.
This is one blog about software technology.

I am a software developer, but not a expert. I will use this blog to record some software technologies. The articles here are for myself, so some topic will not contain all aspect. They are what I am interested in only. Also, if anyone has question, I am glad to reply it when free.


I am finding my friends,
I am finding myself.
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