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Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors

The IEEE ASAP conference on application-specific systems is a series of meetings that began in 1986 with coverage of various levels of abstraction and integration in the design of special-purpose computing systems. The conference themes include Applications, Arithmetic, Communication, Interfaces and Memory, Instruction Set Extensions, Microarchitecture, Compilers and Optimization, and Scheduling and Codesign.

Aspects of application-specific computing that are of interest include, but are not limited to:

  Application-specific systems: network computing, special-purpose systems, performance evaluation, design languages, compilers, operating systems, nanocomputing systems and applications, hardware/software integration, rapid-prototyping.

  Application-specific architectures: special-purpose designs, design methodology, CAD tools, fault tolerance, specifications and interfaces, networks-on-a-chip, hardware/software codesign, processor arrays, SoC, superscalar, multithreaded, VLIW, and EPIC architectures.

  Application-specific processors: digital signal processing, computer arithmetic, configurable/custom computing, implementation methodologies, new technologies, fine-grain parallelism, low-power designs, asynchronous hardware.

Please Google 'IEEE ASAP' for getting more information

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